You made me smile again

Being abandoned by someone doesn’t means your life has ended there. Weeping at it over and over again surely couldn’t help you get out of your grief. At the time, when you are left completely shattered and want your existence to be departed from the life of everyone; there is always one person who is still praying for you, want to be yours, to be with you, to make you fall in love with yourself again, and to love yourself more than anyone. That!yes, the one who has secretly went with more of heartbreaks while seeing you with others, who craved for your presence even if it is only your one glance.

Such people are the ones who know what love is, and what to be loved is.

Being broken is that disgusting chapter which everyone wants to skip, though life keeps on banning its page on you; to let you know what you were missing and what is more important for you to learn once in your lifetime. We learn these things by our own experiences and these such experiences happens when you expect something from the one who is simply good for nothing!

Having the kind of people who accepts your past and the scars of which you are ashamed to show. And that one’s don’t want to let you down, can’t see you in pain, couldn’t even imagine a single moment with you.

We often forget that life doesn’t always gives you what you want, though it gives what you need.

Don’t be too much in your grief so that you may be the reason for someone else’s sadness.

Accept the ones who have always been with you..loved you wholeheartedly..and prayed for your happiness..!! These people are difficult to get and if you have them already let them know their worth by your love.

Realising the Real ones

Sometimes in life there comes a stage when the true faces of a person is unmasked. You come to realise there truth, there beliefs and there mentality regarding you. You seem to be too much heartbroken; but that’s alright, things will fall better and hear these words often..Right?!?

We get to be lost in ourselves so much that we don’t bother to look at the other part of the story. We want to be always in the limelight regarding the ups of our life’s and don’t want our downs to be the paparazzi. That’s not what life wants to teach us..We should be able to face the worst and the most difficult challenges that life serves us. We need to accept that some people are not meant to be the part of your life and your journey too.

Just let it go..let it end happily..let go the wrong ones and stop blaming them for not understanding you. People without asking any sort of explanation are the ones who understands you before you lecture them and those who believes in you rather than the ones who are still fool after your crystal clear spoken words. It’s upto you to whom you give preference.

You should never feel like they broke you or they left you alone. It all happened just because you gave them the power and priority. After, coming to know who are supposed to be your real mates life becomes easier and much more happier.

I made your love my strength

People often in a relationship make their love there only weakness, which later in some of your crucial times of your life makes you more weaker. Never make anyone your weakness nor your identity. Make yourself; your love and your relationship the biggest strength that comes right within you and help you to grow more and more stronger than you are or were yesterday. Why to make the purest and genuine emotion weak? Or name it as your weakness? Somethings take time to recover late when you make it happen. Love may make you a weak person only if you allow it. Unlike, we see some people; who in a committed relationship with the love from both sides is always strong, and it stays stronger when both of them are strong enough to show it. So, while you are alone strong in love can be more stronger without love too! It’s all about the perspectives or the mentality you owe. Nonetheless, we come across the broken hearts who after suffering from the deepest heartbreaks are tryna be staying strong and making themselves stronger by keeping a smile on their faces. It is not always necessary to go through a heartbreak to be stronger, you are strong by your ownself rather than an emotion itself!

Appreciation is worthy

Appreciating the best for you,for yourself, for others is a kind of feeling which makes you and others feeling the happiest on the planet. Always make others feel special on their presence. Sometimes what you want exist in what you give. Hoping and wishing others happy makes you happy too. Appreciation has been graded in the lowest level and taunting has been placed first. To feel gratitude and expressing it in the way of appreciation is always a better option. And so, today and always I appreciate you all my readers, followers my well-wishers and yes, off course the unknown ones too for taking out your precious of time and coming to my blog and reading my Posts. I feel grateful for having such people in my life who are all unknowns for me, still show their kind efforts. Nothing is bigger than your Word and nothing is smaller than your Word too. Never, feel less in your own self,in your own company. What you think for yourself is important than focussing on others opinion about you. No one knows you better than you, and no one knowns themself better than themselves.

I still fall for your lovely pain

Being far away from you

never let me stop

for falling in the pain given by you.

I loved you with all my heart and soul

you made me a deadly alive person now.

I had cried each passing day

hoping for your return

Who knew the love would ever turn

nor in my dreams or nor in mine

I couldn’t blame you for not loving me

nor could i deny that i loved you truly.

Sacrifices are made

Love and dreams are broken too

only until when there’s no way

But for you i could have dug my grave and make you walk

so that we won’t apart.

If the love is pain

then what is love?

A lovely pain from your love..!!

Surreal Happiness

Being happy is just a satisfaction within oneself. When you actually put sweet and little efforts just to make someone happy is what happiness is defined. We always look the world by the way we want not by what it’s actual view is. Happiness is not measured by your living and lifestyle; though it’s measured by the tons of hardwork you put in to see happiness and the smile on someone’s face. Happiness should become equally that part of your life unlike sorrows and failure. You see the world happy if you are happy and in grief you curse the destiny. There’s nothing wrong with the life which tests you in multiple ways, the problem is always with your own heart; which cannot bear the worst matters. The day, when you choose happiness as your basic need will be the day when you actually start living.

Reminiscing the memories

Loving you was not in my hands,

Nor was the pain given by you was.

I still feel the same about you when I close my eyes.

Those eyes which always craved for you, wanted to see you badly,

But, somewhere was still thankful to be left broken by you.

Couldn’t name it as pain or either a betrayal,

All it was, was only a heart.

My heart which still aches by your hurt.

It was the love which happened only once,

For you it was may be just lust.

The day when you fall in love..

Would surely remind you,

Of the pain that you gave me.

I would be nomore with you to hold you.

Please stay strong and suffer through it,

So, that you could realise what love is.